Born in 1962, she is a fourth generation Japanese Fine Arts Painter. Since the Edo period (1603-), her ancestors have been

calligraphers to the Shogun, hence she is successful as a dynamic calligrapher as well as a painter.

For two years, she studied in Switzerland and the U.S.A., giving her the opportunity to extend her experience of foreign lifestyles.

During this time, she rediscovered her fascination for traditional Japanese culture. For more than thirty years she has taught and

promoted classical Japanese painting, not only to the Japanese, but also to foreigners. Using the advantage her background gives her,

she extends her teaching to include Japanese tradition, culture and history, not solely technique.

In addition to her regular work, she supports charities by staging exhibitions to their benefit. Recently, she has cooperated with the

Ministry of Agriculture to promote Japanese Agriculture in international events in Milan and Paris.

1999, 2000 Exhibitions at Wako Ginza Exchanging of Culture Exhibition at the Brazilian Embassy

2002 04 ,06 Exhibitions at Kato Gallery

2007 Art of Dining' for Refugee International, Japan'

2008 Exhibition at Shizuoka Country Club

2011 Charity Exhibition for the Tohoku Earthquake Fund

2012 Exhibition at Wako Ginza

2013 Exhibition at Tokyo American Club

2014 Cooperation with Ministry of Agriculture and CECD at International Events.

2015 Exhibition at Wako Ginza