Born in Kobe in 1930, she became the third generation Japanese Fine Arts Painter. Being taught by the two generations before her,

both named Shutei Ohta, as well as Nanpu Katayama, she succeeded in this traditional style of painting.

For over sixty years, she has educated and motivated more than ten thousand students of this art form. Many of her students have been

initiated into the world of traditional Japanese Fine Arts though the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and different nations' Embassies. Her

support of charity work has been in the form of exhibitions and the use of her artwork in products.

1966,82,90 Exhibitions at Tokyo American Club

1972 Exhibitions at the Italian Culture Center

1974 Exhibitions at Gadelius Gallery

1984,87,89,91,93,2002,04,06 Exhibitions at Kato Gallery in Hiroo

1987 Exhibitions at Niigata Itaia-ken

1992 Exhibitions at Gallery Dream in Nakano

1992,94 Exhibitions at Gallery Miya in Aoyama

1997,99,2000,12,15 Exhibitions at Ginza Wako

2000 Exchanging of Culture Exhibitions at Brazilian Embassy

2008 Exhibitions at Shizuoka Country Club

2011 Charity Exhibitions for Tohoku Earthquake fund