Japanese paintings in the Japanese culture

Culture and is a tradition of wisdom for to live that was reported in the area.

Words and organizations to bundle people start to food, clothing and housing, religion and medicine, is the play and clear.

Are you the biggest impact on Japanese culture, would also Chinese Buddhism.

Religion, or more to the discipline and precepts are strictly national, Will went sophisticated.

Among the population lives, people must keep your promise mutual support to each other, make the order.

There is no only believe what us something and that Sugareru that led to weak person.

Across the sea from the continent, for the purpose of self-preservation and race maintenance, religion and politics, agriculture industry, well-honed technology, stockpile, thrift, taught it came transmitted.

We have been born than in the history as the unique culture of Japan in this island nation.


Japanese painting is believed that it was LSP starts as a means to communicate their intention to the people.

Those that have been discovered from the historic site and the tomb and, from among the reportedly literature and books, as God, as the imagination of the animal, also You may have tried to leave the facts.

There originally of healing and to calm, and remonstrance there is a there is excitement.

Something not persistent and stick to, not the wacky with the surprise, are you drawing that I want to tell without hesitation most.